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The plot moved along at a good clip for the first two-thirds of the book.

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Then things ground to a halt in a series of contrived misunderstandings which were miraculously resolved in the last ten pages. I never thought it would end! The story is set on Long Island, but not the fancy part. The author gives us a good sense of place. I'd recommend this for a vacation read if there isn't anything better around. I won't be reading it again. Adult contemporary romance is like a maze.

A maze built out of so many books that it is so difficult to find anything good in the genre I'm so glad I got an email with this eBook waiting for me to munch on! Casey Richardson has a dream. A dream that she made a reality: she teaches dance at her very own dance school. But it seems too good to be true.

Her dance school is threatened and she has less than two-three months before she closes it completely. On the day she rece Adult contemporary romance is like a maze. On the day she received the bad news, she meets a very dashing, rich and harsh womanizer that makes her insides melt and her groin ache. No way is she going to let herself fall in love with him, she's been down that road before and she is not going to repeat her mistakes.

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Especially when she can avoid it now. Kiss Me, Dancer is a contemporary romance that had so much depth, emotion, passion and love. At first glance at the cover, I expected to read one of those sweet, fluffy and funny novels that really didn't have much depth and had more of the straight to the point love that is too easy. This book slapped that cover away and gave you reality that was written by a great duo of authors writing from both a male and female side. Casey is a humble, sweet and sexy in her own way character. She is incredibly likable and any reader would love her and treat her like their very own book best friend.

Drew on the other hand, is an incredibly realistic male lead. But this one is spot on realistic. Secondary characters fit in so well and I'm pretty sure the story will be nothing without them. The storyline was in depth, detailed, wonderfully constructed and simply perfect. Hats off to the Streets for their beautifully written romantic story of real life troubles, and heart ache's.

A brilliant script for a chick flick we girls would love to cry and swoon about! Kiss Me, Dancer is the story of Casey, a dance instructor that lives her life often overlooked, both in her family and in her personal life, and Drew, a wealthy, egotistical, over-the-top womanizer who hates to fail, loves to win, and doesn't care who he steps on to get there. Casey spends her life doing for others, never believing anything good will ever come to her either because she will fail or because she doesn't believe she deserves anything good to begin with. Complete opposites that find themselves in a sizzling love affair that they both try to fight from the very beginning.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The characters are very creative and well developed. I especially loved Drew's son, Josh, who's a very shy hip-hop dancer in Casey's class, who little by little is learning to come out of his shell. This story has the perfect amount of giggles, gasps, and anxious page-turning to keep the reader interested.

I was particularly on the edge of my seat during the psychic reading parts - is she going to tell Drew it's her? Will he ever speak to her again if she does?

I do have to admit though that I didn't much care for the cover, and at first glance wasn't too sure that this book was for me. I tend to be more of a "Cover Girl" and I find myself judging books by their covers. But I'm so happy I gave this one a chance because I was definitely pleasantly surprised! I would strongly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys chick lit and is looking for their next good read. A fun, contemporary romance that had me giggling along with the characters. I found him refreshing from the stereotypical male prototype.

The budding romance and dance element of the book are just plain fun. You know it's not going to be good when the very first page contains lines like: - "A man who just happened to resemble a Greek god walking the earth in jeans and silky black tee. This is a nice easy read. The beginning was a little slow and a bit trite but the story picks up nicely in the middle. The ending feels a bit rushed -- I'm not a fan of conflict being resolved in the last 10 pages or so.

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All-in-all it is a good book to take on vacation or to the beach. Love hearing abou the dance moves. Josh left with his bio dad and she ran after them to find out who he was. Story follows Casey and her family and her career and job of running and owning the ballet shop and the lease is about to be sold.

Parker, her brother took over the landscaping jobs his father had along with other miscellaneous jobs. He had helped her redo the whole place for the studio and her own apartment above. Story also follows Josh and his dad. He's a very rich man and arrived in a limo and has yachts and everything else he ever wanted. Drew Burn from the trucking company and he's got tats all over. She is strongly attracted to Drew. He is highly attracted to her also when they show up for the local play Josh will be in. Great keeping up to date with the others in her family as we were introduced to them in the previous book.

Like twist of the fortune teller. Their relationship takes different turns and twists and plans are made but with hestiation Sex scenes. She's lucky to have her best friend Natalie around when things don't go exactly as planned Casey Richardson is a year-old dance instructor. Drew Byrne is the divorced, biological father of one of her students.

They're both drop dead gorgeous, of course. Casey has faced many hardships and might lose her school.

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Without any proof of who he is, Drew shows up and takes his son away from the lesson. He's going to turn the kid into a "real man" at the gym. Thank goodness the kid is stronger and smarter than his father and insists on returning to class. How could Casey let a stranger walk Casey Richardson is a year-old dance instructor. How could Casey let a stranger walk in and remove a child in her care without calling someone to verify that Drew is who he says he is and has permission to take the child?

It's not a "meet cute".

Alicia Trump | brinedance

It's cause to call the cops. Drew uses threats, intimidation and sexual innuendo against Casey in order to get her attention. The whole story is Mr Macho having lewd thoughts about Casey and her being torn between him and saving her dance school. It's ridiculous. Avoid it. Casey has had some hard knocks in the romance department as well as life.

Meet Alicia

She is the sister who took care of everyone else first and always placed herself second. She believes that all of her dreams are just pipe-dreams that will never come to fruition and she is too willing to accept this as a truth of her life. Drew Byrne is a millionaire playboy, there is no doubt about that.

However, he has come to a time in his life when friends are starting to call him out about it. The cast is full of secondary players that are as well developed as the main characters. Author Roy Street does an excellent job expressing the male perspective in his stories, which I think is an added bonus. There were more than a few times I wanted to knock both of their heads together. Robert Z. Leonard: Later films: …Yours with Marge and Gower Champion, but even their considerable dance skills could not energize the mundane musical.

The Clown cast Red Skelton as a former vaudeville star whose career is destroyed by alcohol, but his loving son encourages him to stage a comeback; the drama was a….

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