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Pronunciation Guide. Antigone lifts her hands towards him, palms upturned. A traitor! She raises her voice, hoping that even if she fails to convince her uncle, she can make others see the righteousness of her actions.

And for your defiance I will give you the burial you wished for your brother. My order stands: you will never see the light of day again.

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They rarely agreed on anything at that point, but both recognized that the caves were suitable for royal tombs. Eteokles has been buried in his; you, Antigone, will occupy the other. The entrance to each cave has been walled in, the white-washed stucco painted with two bands of swirling blue spirals, symbols of eternity. Beside the gaping hole Antigone sees a small stack of square-cut stones, a large pile of mud bricks, a broom, and a wooden bucket filled with glistening wet mortar.

A cloud passes before the sun; Antigone shivers as the shadow sweeps over her shoulders.

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She looks back at the grim-faced soldiers, at the mob gathered behind. She has not convinced the people of Thebes, but she knows she has followed the law of heaven. Creon nods to a priest standing near his chair. Haemon shifts, looks up at the king. The priest — Antigone cannot remember his name, but at least it is not her husband — steps closer to her. You shall be given food and drink; you shall not die by Theban hand. Then he looks down at his wife Eurydike. Though she had meant to refuse the food and water, Antigone cannot deny her aunt this last act of charity.

She accepts the basket from the serving woman; its wicker handle is rough against her fingers. The crowd murmurs at this.

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Some hiss, and a few shout that Antigone deserves no such kindness, but others seem uncomfortable. The buzz of the crowd swells in volume.

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The young soldier Astakus grabs her upper arm with a calloused hand and yanks her away from Eurydike. Clutching the heavy basket, Antigone stumbles as the man drags her toward the tomb, but his powerful grip holds her upright. He pushes her into the shadows; she stubs her toe on the threshold but somehow keeps from falling. The small patch of sky she can see is blue and cloudless. In order to see the glowing orb of the sun she would have to step outside — but the two armed men standing on either side of the door will not permit this.

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Checkout Your Cart Price. Add to cart. While Thebes waits for her to perish of hunger and thirst, the city's darkest secrets come to light: Creon's role in the death of his sister Jocasta, Oedipus' fate in exile, the rivalry that led to war between Oedipus' twin sons - and the truth about their final battle. Antigone's sister Ismene, her aunt Eurydike, and her husband Haemon find surprising allies in their effort to free the condemned woman before it is too late.

Will Creon relent?

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The siege may be over, but the conflict continues. Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one! Need help?

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