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Educated at Grinnell College in the great state of Iowa, he considers Iowa his second home state, and keeps on good terms with both by eating both barbecue AND corn. He currently resides in Austin, Texas, where he works as a lawyer and author.

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Atticus for the Undead

Ask it above. Atticus for the Undead By John Abramowitz. Rated 4. In the criminal justice system, magic users and the undead are represented by a special kind of lawyer: the arcane defense lawyer.

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These are their stories. The next chapter in the struggle for equal rights begins! Hunter Gamble is an idealistic young attorney in a very special area of the practice: arcane defense. Funded by enigmatic billionaire Charles McClain and aided by shy-but-energetic research attorney Kirsten Harper, he's making the world a better place -- one vampire, zombie, or werewolf client at a time. After all, they deserve their day in court too, right?


When a young zombie walks into Hunter's office accused of murder by brain-eating , Hunter's idealism is tested as never before as he struggles to secure the man's freedom. To do so, he must square off against a savvy and ambitious district attorney, contend with a judge who is deeply biased against arcanes, and stand up to a human-supremacist group which will stop at nothing -- not even Hunter's own death -- to see his client convicted.

Experience the novel that Kirkus Reviews called "A surprisingly fresh, funny and fiery mystery that envelopes the reader in a uniquely colorful world. Create Widget. About John Abramowitz. Learn more about John Abramowitz. Also by This Author. Candy Beauchamp reviewed on on Nov. In "Atticus for the Undead" John Abramowitz has created a world that sings of the past, of the present, and of an alternate future. The story takes place in Austin, Texas amid racial tensions, political wrangling, a murder trial, and an organization's bid to use all of these situations to push their own agenda.

Fifteen years prior to our story, an unexplained event unleashes a change upon the world.

Identity Theft -- An urban fantasy novel by John Abramowitz — Kickstarter

Creatures once only found in myth and folklore are once again unleashed, this time for real. How would you react if your neighbor suddenly gained magical powers? What if the kindly old lady down the street transformed once a month into a man-eating werewolf? These and other creatures, including vampires and zombies, are now a part of everyday life.

Books by John Abramowitz

These once normal citizens have joined a new racial class: The Arcane or for the racially biased, the "Supernatural". Enter stage right: Hunter Gamble. Hunter is a new type of lawyer with old fashion sensibilities. Following on his father's footsteps, Hunter became a lawyer. But where his father formed a huge law firm, Hunter followed his heart after reading "To Kill a Mockingbird". His entire focus is the rights of the Arcane.

Atticus for the Undead review

Here is a direct link to every book review I have written. They are such classics and are incredibly well written.

They were what got me started in my interest in vampire books. Even more than J. Hi Teresa!

John Abramowitz | Kirkus Reviews

One of my close friends adores the series, and was very enthusiastic when she recommended it to me. I fully intend to get to them. I was just wondering what series you would recommend that is closest to Lyndsay Sands series. I love hers and would like to start another on like it. Thank you in advance. The series is everything I woman could want in a book! Agreed — BDB is my absolute favorite series ever!! Including me! Wondering what it is about him?

Any thoughts? I adore Wrath.. The king. Have you read the Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead. It is by far my favorite series. You get the depths of emotion the same as with the vampire academy books but with more of a grown up twist. Im definately going to recommend the Mercy Thompson series by Patrica Briggs.

She also has a spin off called Alpha and Omega. And lastly the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews.

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One of my favorites along with Outlander. I love the cover. I do want to read it, but just wondered if anyone else has read it, and what they thought. Hi Cat! He is badass! Nalini Singh is epic. Check out her Psy-Changeling series too- hot shape shifters! It was really good.