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Relevant PhysicsForums posts Do photons of different energies interact with each other? Detecting Alpha Radiation 2 hours ago. Difference between static and kinetic friction 2 hours ago. Question about the first law of thermodynamics 19 hours ago. Question about thermodynamics first law 22 hours ago.

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Theorists apply loop quantum gravity theory to black hole May 31, Nov 18, Sep 24, Quantum steps towards the Big Bang Sep 03, Jan 13, Recommended for you. Next-generation single-photon source for quantum information science Oct 04, Oct 03, Combining spintronics and quantum thermodynamics to harvest energy at room temperature Oct 03, User comments. Feb 09, I gotta see their math.

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I was just talking about this sort of model yesterday and the day before. I think this is potentially better relativity both at the cosmic level and the local level because it introduces a mechanism to relate mass to space itself via a mediating particle, which is something relativity doesn't do. I got some critics from Ira and another guy about the Michelson Morley experiment and such. I don't see any reason an "fluid" model can't still work to tie gravity and space together in a single mediating substance or set of substances.

I will read the paper a little now and some later if there is no pay wall.

Can We Escape the Diabolical Clichés of Coldplay?

Report Block. We have to get rid of the big bang because it implies physics is not god. Same with the anthropic principle. So, multiverses. Whydening Gyre. This one is going to be fun to watch Uncle Ira. How you are today Cher and where you at, huh? I'm still fine and dandy again me, thanks for asking. I gotta see their math.. Skippy that has never slowed you down before. Usually you just make up something that sounds like a person with a mental condition playing at being the scientist.

Why now you have to see some maths, what's different with this one? From Paper: Its exact form is not important to our argument however, except that it is non-zero and spread out over the range of the observable universe.

Millennialism at the Singularity

This follows from the requirement of causality; even if matter exists beyond the horizon, it will have no effect on what is inside the horizon, including the wavefunction. This still implies no model would ever suffice for the entire universe, but only that which is within our light horizon, which means that the guy on "Science" and "Big Think" was still correct.

Even a "Theory of Everything" can't actually model "Everything". In other words, we interpret the quantum condensate as made up of these gravitons, and described by a macroscopic wavefunction. That is a small particle. That's close to the number you get if you divide a kilogram by the Cube of Avogadro's Number. The reality of the James Webb telescope's infrared capability to see through the sacred Primordial Gas Cloud has finally begun. So, what will Cosmology Science of the future look like without a BB? As engineer, i see the Big Bang as an impulse response h t of a system initial Black box.

What did have the black box inside? Well, if it had been empty, the impulse just had passed through wit no change May be i will analyze it after i die. This implies that the laws of thermodynamics as we know them are slightly flawed and need corrections. For the record, this actually does not produce an infinite monkey history of the universe, as we can readily demonstrate strings of infinite numbers which nevertheless provably do not contain all possibilities.

This is slightly relevant because it still means the universe has one history, or more generally each universe if there is more than one has one history. It means that Entropy is somehow a form of order at the cosmic level even though it appears to be disorder locally.

This I had suspected already anyway. They will need computer models to understand much of anything beyond our common experience and intuition, because visualizing these corrections is pretty freaking hard. Can it predict future threshold events, such as reionization or the appearance of all-new particles or entity-properties as local energy levels change? This also appears to be a mathematical proof that it's possible for things to exist outside the universe, and that it's possible for infinite reality to exist, which is two key points atheists don't get; the "Who made God" question is actually answered by these equations, in that an infinite Being can in fact exist without cause.

Also, I should suggest that a formula showing past infinitude does not necessarily mean that an infinite past actually exists, it simply shows that if it did exist it would have those properties. You can imagine running a finite clock backwards infinitely, but that doesn't make the operation valid.

The assumption of constant laws is axiomatic, and does not necessarily hold philosophically true for a sub-set of reality, but only for the fundamental. So the equation cannot describe the entirety of reality, but only the observable universe, though it can imply that there may or may not be things beyond what it can describe.

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When we don't know how something works with an extremely high confidence level, all we can do is keep building models, proposing theories, etc. The authors of this study likely would not make the claim that their model is "right" and singularity models are "wrong" but instead they present it as a POSSIBLE explanation. You have made other comments that show you need to try and have more of an open mind.

Alain Badiou - Eight Theses on the Universal

You commented on another article, "If, in an ideal environment earth , life only began once in 4. It is basic Science philosophy that extrapolation can act as a guide to discovery, new physics, etc. Extrapolating our Laws of Physics into the far past and to energy densities far from what we know doesn't make such fiction valuable.

I have a noticed a couple of 'red flag' comments - indicating a abundance of noise without any light. I suggest if you hear any of that in a thread, you ignore the comment entirely, its almost certainly rubbish. If it can't, even in principle, be measured, then it ain't physics. If you think you can visualize a 10 or 26 dimensional universe or an infinite dimensional quantum universe I welcome you to try! The theist argue that everything comes from something, therefore there -must- be a God, which gives rise to the question, "who made God?

The whole question is a response to the inherent contradiction in the definition of God as the necessary first cause. If you contend that something doesn't need to be caused by anything to exist, you actually destroy the theist argument; God as a creator, or creation itself as a single event, is no longer necessary for things to exist. Unless you explain why God would be the only thing that can exist without a cause, everything can exist without God. Returners: Not sure how you come to that conclusion Most of us on phys. Not sure how the use of math and modeling makes a case for the existence of a God.

And as far as the lack of "hearing" anything from another world that deniers claim A parallel earth could be down the street just light years away and we wouldn't hear it yet. Now think about a parallel earth orbiting a star that is ,, light years away still fairly close Something tells me dinosaurs weren't broadcasting RF. This comment has been removed by a moderator.

An Electronic Soundtrack for Spiritual Awakening

Quantum patch. Are we finally witnessing the death throes of the Huge Bang Fantasy?? LaViolette is way ahead with his etheric fluid model, where space is composed of a multitude of undetectable sub-quantum particles which, under proper diffusive conditions, ignite into a self-sustaining, propagating, transformation reaction that we label a sub-atomic particle. Like sound wave propagation in air, photon reaction propagation is limited by the ultimate transformation reaction speed set by characteristics of the local diffusive medium. And since disturbances of the transforming medium extend well in advance of and into the surrounding medium from the moving photon reaction, the double-slit experiment is easily explained.