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  2. Dining at Jenny’s
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  4. “Jenny’s Song” lyrics

I called out to God many times during my childhood years, especially when my older brother found out what had been happening with my brother and threatened to reveal it to my mother. I thought there was no answer to those prayers back then but, looking back, I think there had been.

By I was 36 years old, onto my second marriage the first one bad, the second very good with two small children. Sometimes I got angry and threw things; once or twice I smacked the children hard. I was still obsessed with my looks to the exclusion of almost everything else.

In an effort to regain my figure after having my kids I embarked on a health crusade and joined a gym. And it was there that I met a lovely Christian lady named Michelle. Michelle told me that Jesus loved me and I broke down in tears.

I got home, knelt at my bed and cried out to Him. And it felt like His arms were wrapped around me, drawing me close. Everything looked brighter, sunnier, clearer and more hopeful then. Everything started to make sense. But I was still obsessed with my looks. I would become resentful, hitting out at people, and reject anyone who was appearing to reject me, without understanding why. My husband and I moved to country Western Australia and there I joined a local theatre group.

Here was fame, acceptance and approval! I got attention in the theatre scene alright, but not the good kind. Feeling like a hypocrite I backslid from church. My marriage began to suffer. But my struggles with self-worth continued.

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Our business later went into bankruptcy and our beautiful house and property were sold to pay the bank. Then, just as we were starting to crawl back financially, my wonderful husband suddenly died from a coronary artery thrombosis.

Friends of Chevin Forest Park - Jenny's Cottage

I moved to Perth to recover. To my horror, not many men on these sites were godly and certainly none compared with my husband. I even travelled to England to meet one of them. I returned to Perth heartbroken from this trip, with little left mentally, emotionally or spiritually. But it was here that my life took an amazing turn. I asked the prayer ministry team at my church to pray for me. They felt I needed more than they could offer and so referred me to the Ellel healing ministry in Northam, Western Australia.

Over the course of the weekend I began to realise just how broken and hurt I had been.

Dining at Jenny’s

I started to understand where my hurt and disappointment had come from—from emotionally and physically absent parents—and how satan has used that to disrupt my life. I began to truly understand that I am not condemned—by God or even the people I thought I needed to impress—and I began to forgive all who I felt had failed me in my life and upbringing. This was the start of a brand new life for me. The textile industry was greatly impacted by a number of new inventions such as the flying shuttle, the spinning frame and the cotton gin. But it was the invention of the Spinning Jenny by James Hargreaves that is credited with moving the textile industry from homes to factories.

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  8. The move from a domestic cottage based industry to factories allowed the expansion of the Industrial Revolution from England throughout much of the world. James Hargreaves was a weaver in Blackburn, Lancaster. Although this area was known as a major textile center, prior to the Industrial Revolution the production of cloth from raw goods took place within cottage industries.

    All work was done by individuals within the home and entire families were involved. Men were often the weavers while children assisted in cleaning raw materials and women spun the materials into threads or yarns. The process was time consuming and merchants wanting to meet the demand for textile goods were often frustrated by the huge gap between supply and demand.

    Netflix’s ‘Someone Great’ Delivered The Best Piece Of Breakup Advice You’ll Ever Read

    The expense involved in transporting raw materials to numerous locations, waiting for finished textiles to be made by hand and then the finished goods to be picked up and transported back to the merchant was also an incentive to search for alternatives.

    While the invention of the flying shuttle and later the power loom made it possible to weave materials faster, spinning of raw materials into threads and yarns was still done by hand one thread at a time. Spinners were unable to keep up with the increased demand for threads. James Hargreaves may have designed the spinning jenny as an improvement over an earlier machine invented by Thomas High in or While never patented, High's machine used six spinning wheels that were bolted together and powered by a single large wheel.

    James Hargreaves' spinning jenny was said to have been designed after he saw his wife's spinning wheel knocked over and saw the spindle continue to spin.

    “Jenny’s Song” lyrics

    The spinning jenny used eight different spindles that were powered by a single wheel. This allowed one spinster to produce eight threads in the same amount of time it previously took to produce one. Later versions of the spinning jenny added even more lines which made the machine too large for home use. This led the way to factories where these larger machines could be run by fewer workers.


    With machines and workers concentrated in one place, the transportation costs of raw materials and finished goods were greatly reduced.