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Books by Vinita Hampton Wright. Shop Now. Simple Acts of Moving Forward 60 Suggestions for Getting Unstuck We want to move forward in our careers, our family life, our faith, but how do we do it when there is so much weighing us down?

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In the Ignatian tradition, discernment involves two key words: consolation and desolation. Margaret Silf describes the role of these words in discernment. Learn about discernment—the art of discovering how best to respond to God in daily life. Read more about Ignatian spirituality in this article. Discernment is a decision-making process that honors the place of God's will in our lives.

Learn more about discernment. Prayer is listening with a discerning heart.

The Choices We Make

Prayer and discernment helps us to freely choose what is best for us and for the reign of God. Best is what you want. Being able to make a decision like this for another requires an understanding of each other, and time for self-reflection. You have to consider the painful, scary, and unwanted fact of separation. You are the proxy for the person in the bed.

Powerful quotes about choices and consequences

What she wants is all that counts. You want the person to live. Or you want him to live another week until the rest of the family arrives. You want the gasping holler of pain in your chest to go away.

Can you choose a course of treatment that will allow the person you love most in the world to die? Can you say no on their behalf to something you would choose for yourself?

50 Choices & Consequences Quotes to Fire You Up

Can you say yes on their behalf to an end you would never want? Can you set your own beliefs to the side? This inevitable conflict of interest—you are dying and I want you to live—is why a spouse or close family member often should not be the one making all the decisions. A modern addition to this practice includes having a professional funeral photograph taken and picking out the clothing you want to wear, in styles specially made for corpses.

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How can the moon, which is never the same from night to night, be everlasting? And yet it is always the same moon. Death comes even while we are alive.

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It burned down his storehouse, leaving his family impoverished. His poem that year:. They are done with the business of the living, as it were, and more or less finished with us. Now they are not a mother or a plumber or a friend. Now they are entirely a dying person, and the world begins to shine. In spite of going hours without speaking, in spite of needing help to button a shirt, he is busy. He may not have the energy to talk, because he is waiting for something and that takes everything he has left.

The last kiss, the last dream, the last joke to tell. Things to say as the end is coming: I love you. I hope the best for you. We will be all right. TV, Radio, Web.

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Sponsored Free workshops at your Local Enterprise Office will prepare your business for customs. Ireland must prepare for international tax turbulence. Employers are recognising the importance of supporting employees' mental health. Subscriber Only. Sontag: Her Life — Desperately seeking Susan. The Book Club. Sign up to the weekly Irish Times books newsletter for features, podcasts and more. Most Read in Culture. Short stories. Deus Absconditus, a short story by Mary Costello. Transatlantic Railroad, a short story by Mary M Burke.