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Members of Moya's fictional Aragon family play unexpected roles in the uprising: With her husband in prison, well-connected matriarch Hayd e must handle the crises that befall her family, such as when their newscaster son, Clemente, announces on-air that the dictator is dead, an error that could cost him his life.

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His cousin Jimmy, a tough military captain involved in the coup, helps the pampered Clemente escape Clemente's entitled whining and Jimmy's bravado make for some very funny scenes. The story unfolds largely through Hayd e's diary, documenting her growth into solidarity with the politically oppressed; at great risk, she becomes involved in a general strike that eventually ousts the dictator.

Moya The She-Devil in the Mirror has an unlikely heroine in Hayd e, but she possesses one quality that her husband lacks: she's not been corrupted or disillusioned by politics.

This intriguing novel turns the spotlight from the rulers onto the hopeful souls who will tolerate tyranny for only so long. The sheltering has created a woman who, though dedicated, is not consciously aware of the dangers, almost as if the constant imprisonments are part of an annoying game.

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She has an almost naive sense of entitlement and only midway through the novel when her political consciousness has awakened does she begin to understand what has shaped her. Needless to say, Clemens is very soon public enemy number one.

New Directions Publishing | Tyrant Memory

This pairing can read as a warped sort of he-said-she-said, whereby no one actually knows what anyone said. Both narratives are so thoroughly built upon hearsay, gossip and speculation that each serves as a highly adulterated, though hardly unfulfilling, accompaniment to the other.

This sounds much lighter than Insensatez! I keep meaning to but it is always checked out at the local university, the only place they have a copy in Seattle.

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